Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exposing The Greensboro Partnership: The Beginning

Who is the Greensboro Partnership? Who are their members? What are they're real goals? Is the Greensboro Partnership really in business to help all of Greensboro or just a select few connected developers and contractors? What has the Greensboro Partnership done that benefited all of Greensboro and not just a few? How is the Greensboro Partnership funded and who pays the bills? What are the secrets the Greensboro Partnership doesn't want you to know?

From the Greensboro Partnership website:

"The Greensboro Partnership was formed in 2005 from the merger of Greensboro Economic Development Alliance, Action Greensboro, and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. The mission of the Partnership is to serve as the principal economic and community development organization in Greensboro and to strategically develop a vibrant community that creates, expands and attracts business while advancing the quality of life for all. The work of the Partnership is guided by a comprehensive strategic plan that focuses on:"

It sounds good enough but is that all there is to it? And why all the layers and layers of non profit organizations that make up the members of the Greensboro Partnership-- is spending money that was removed from the tax pool to create another non profit organization a wise or even legitimate use of public money? How much in taxpayer Dollars is used to fund the Greensboro Partnership and its member organizations? Are we getting our money's worth? What percentage of the overall funding goes into actual projects that benifit the citizens of Greensboro and how much is paid to overpaid executives?

These and more are the questions this book hopes to answer. Contact us if you'd like to help. Your confidentiality will be protected.

Continue to page 2. What Happens To Non Connected Entrepreneurs In Greensboro?.

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